Why Salt?

“The cure for everything is Salt water — sweat, tears, or the Sea.” - Isaiah Dinesen

Salt is good for the soul! It is also good for fresh cut flowers. A pinch of salt in vase water acts as plant food and an anti bacterial.

Why Stem?

You can never go wrong with fresh flowers. Whether you are brightening your own personal space or brightening the day of someone close to you, flowers are always a good idea.

Why a Ford?

Vintage cars have always been in my family. Lingering in backyards and in the back of my mind.

My grandfather had a 1969 F150. My father had a 1973 Buick, lovingly named the Golden Nugget. Uncles and in-laws have much more modern trucks but trucks still the same. 

My F100 shortbed is a little piece of history and nostalgia.